Technosoft (Bevaix, Switzerland) has introduced the ISD860 intelligent drive for motion applications that require embedded intelligence and high servo control. Based on MotionChip™ DSP technology, the device is able to drive 12A continuous and 31A peak currents at a supply voltage ranging from 12 to 72 VDC, with a PWM of 20 kHz frequency. The unit embeds the motion controller, drive, and PLC functionality in one unit. It controls brushless, DC, or linear motors up to 860W continuous/2.2kW peak voltage. It works in single-axis, multiaxis, or standalone configurations, and uses EasyMotion Studio and Technosoft Motion Language for drive setup, tuning, and motion programming, which can be done from a CAN master via PC or PLC, or directly at drive level through its built-in motion controller.

altMultiple operations can be performed, including setting of motion modes, change of motion modes and/or parameters, execution of homing sequences, or program flow control. It can also handle digital I/O and analog input signals, execute arithmetic and logic operations, and transfer data between axes. It also can control other axes via motion commands.

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