Vision Competence Center (VCC), the distributor for PPT VISION in Heerlen, Netherlands, helped to deploy the M-Series Embedded Vision System in the Budé Group’s new equipment offering. VCC assisted Budé in quickly solving their vision inspection requirements for the food manufacturing process by providing a simple setup and economical solution.

“Utilizing the same powerful software as current IMPACT smart cameras, the M-Series requires no additional training to program the unit,” said Marcel Heugen, Director of VCC. “Additionally, we were able to keep system costs down for Budé because of shared processing capability and multi-camera expandability. It allows us to inspect and reject the product at multiple locations in the production line, and helps reduce any added value to bad product.”

Equipment using smart cameras and machine vision systems is applied in both food processing and food packaging. Smart cameras inspect for food and food packaging quality to verify correct product shape and size, as well as to verify correct package markings. Smart cameras also guide food products through the production process and identify barcodes and human-readable text on food packages. With these capabilities, vision system cameras — such as the one Budé selected for their food industry equipment — can help assure end-users in the food industry that only the highest-quality products will reach consumers.

This article was contributed by PPT VISION, Bloomington, MN. For more information, visit http://info.hotims.com/28060-149.

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