A program has been written to enable (1) fast and easy searching of symbolic files for one or more strings of characters, dates, or numerical values in specific fields or columns and (2) summarizing results of searching other fields or columns. Intended for use in Unisys 2200-series computers under OS 2200, the program implements a simplified version of a UNIX AWK command implemented in Unisys macro-assembler. (AWK is an interpreted programming language, included in most versions of UNIX, for filtering and manipulating textual data.) The program is given the name of a file or an element thereof to scan, the numbers of the fields or columns that would contain the strings of characters or numerical values that are sought, and options to control the type of search and display results. The program uses standard Unisys library routines for reading files that have standard structures and for editing and printing output. The program can run in a batch or an interactive mode.

This program was written by James S. Sarp of United Space Alliance for Johnson Space Center. For further information, contact the Johnson Commercial Technology Office at (281) 483-3809. MSC-23855-1

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