altOriel® (Stratford, CT) has announced a new uniformity measurement tool for measuring the uniformity of irradiance at the sample plane of solar simulators. The new PV tool is equipped with a single metal test platen, compatible with English/metric table mounts, and with all 3 test standards: IEC, ASTM and JIS. A detector head is provided with appropriate masking to the area defined by either the IEC or the JIS method, depending on the model. The system is designed to correctly place the test detector head in 17 predetermined positions as defined by JIS standard C8912, or in 64 equally-spaced positions, defined by IEC method 60904-9. The intuitive MUMS software package provides 2D and 3D surface plots to analyze XYZ positioning of the lamp to quickly attain optimal irradiance uniformity. Photonics West Booth #1301

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