the Infinite Web™ 355
Joining Technologies (East Granby, CT) has introduced the Infinite Web™ 355, a laser cutting and welding system for splicing iron and nickelbased strip alloys. The design incorporates laser welding and cutting with a single head. The product joins leading and trailing edges of metal coils in strip processing lines to create a continuous feed with no downtime associated with rethreading and realignment. Having the ability to service multiple converting lines, the Infinite Web™ 355 is a mobile, standalone system requiring only one electrical input and minimal operator involvement. The industrial PC-based control tool features a touch screen interface, canned programs for selected alloys, and proprietary self diagnostics to ensure optimal uptime. The Infinite Web™ is designed to handle a range of material thicknesses and widths, and it uses coaxial optics to verify proper positioning and provide precise splices.

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