altEmphase (South Burlington, VT) has announced an all-new Slim SATA flash drive. Available in two grades of performance, this lightweight, low-profile storage drive has been engineered to afford flexibility in embedded designs while weighing in heavy on capacity and performance. The 4mm thick Slim SATA uses SLC flash memory and is capable of achieving capacities ranging from 2 GB - 128 GB and transfer speeds up to 230 MB/sec. read and 170 MB/sec. write. The Slim SATA S3 (Read 120 MB/sec.; Write 110 MB/sec.) and S6 Series (Read 230 MB/sec.; Write 180 MB/sec.) are designed specifically to deliver consistent performance for years, minimizing performance degradation to be almost non-existent with long-term usage. Both series are available in extended operating temperatures from -40°C to +85°C.

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