The Dash® MX
The Dash® MX from Astro-Med, West Warwick, RI, is a lightweight portable data acquisition system. The high-speed, multi-channel system is designed for capturing high-frequency data and transient signals, as well as long-term trending. The standard Dash MX records up to 8 channels of isolated voltage inputs to an internal 320 GByte hard drive at sample rates up to 200 KHz per channel. High-frequency data captures can be saved directly to the hard drive for review and analysis. It is equipped with a 12" color display for touchscreen control as well as real-time data viewing and analysis. Operating on 100 to 264VAC, the system includes an internal rechargeable battery for power backup and up to 30 minutes of operation. The Dash MX comes with isolated single-ended inputs that accept up to 250 VRMS. The Dash MX-H version is equipped with high-voltage modules that can measure up to 1000 VRMS. Other signal input modules include thermocouple, bridge, piezoelectric, and universal. Capabilities include low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, and band-stop filtering; derived channels; variable sample rate during capture; and up to four sample rates per capture.

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