TIIMS is used during the inspection phases of every mission to provide quick visual feedback, detailed inspection data, and determination to the mission management team. This system consists of a visual Web page interface, an SQL database, and a graphical image generator. These combine to allow a user to ascertain quickly the status of the inspection process, and current determination of any problem zones.

The TIIMS system allows inspection engineers to enter their determinations into a database and to link pertinent images and video to those database entries. The database then assigns criteria to each zone and tile, and via query, sends the information to a graphical image generation program. Using the official TIPS database tile positions and sizes, the graphical image generation program creates images of the current status of the orbiter, coloring zones, and tiles based on a predefined key code. These images are then displayed on a Web page using customized JAVA scripts to display the appropriate zone of the orbiter based on the location of the user’s cursor. The close-up graphic and database entry for that particular zone can then be seen by selecting the zone. This page contains links into the database to access the images used by the inspection engineer when they make the determination entered into the database. Status for the inspection zones changes as determinations are refined and shown by the appropriate color code.

This work was done by Sharon Goza and David L. Melendrez of Johnson Space Center, Marsha Hennigan of Jacobs Engineering, Daniel LaBasse of MEI Technologies, and Daniel J. Smith, consultant. MSC-24484-1

This Brief includes a Technical Support Package (TSP).

Thermal Protection System Imagery Inspection Management System — TIIMS (reference MSC-24484-1) is currently available for download from the TSP library.

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