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New Equation Could Advance Research in Solar Cells and OLEDs

An equation developed in part by researchers at the University of Michigan could do for organic semiconductors what the Shockley ideal diode equation did for inorganic semiconductors: help to enable their wider adoption.

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Improving and Evaluating LED Lighting for Greenhouse Use

Purdue researchers will collaborate with Rutgers University, the University of Arizona, Michigan State University, and Orbital Technologies Corp. (Madison, WI) on a four-year project to improve and evaluate LED lighting for greenhouse use. The goal is to increase greenhouse yields and decrease producers' energy costs.

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Silicon Strategy Shows Promise for Lithium-ion Batteries

Scientists from Rice University and Lockheed Martin have discovered a way to use simple silicon to radically increase the capacity of lithium-ion batteries. The researchers are confident that cheap, plentiful silicon combined with ease of manufacture could help push their idea into the mainstream.

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High-Quality Photos of National Ignition Facility Testing

The National Ignition Facility (NIF) of Livermore, CA is home to the world's largest and highest-energy laser. On September 29th, the NIF completed its first integrated ignition experiment, where it focused its 192 lasers on a BB-sized capsule containing hydrogen fuel - firing it with 1 megajoule of laser energy.

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Graphite Foam Technology Cools LED Light Fixtures and Extends Lifespan

Graphite foam technology developed by James Klett of Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Materials Science and Technology Division extends the life of light-emitting diode lamps and has been licensed to LED North America (Oak Ridge, TN).

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Magnetic Energy Recovery Switch Controls Electrical Flow for Lighting

The Office of Naval Research Global (ONR Global) continues to pursue aggressive energy goals established by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, with the design of a system that controls electrical flow for lighting - a highly efficient platform that may spark a new era of power savings.

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Organic LED Light Source for Home Electronics, Medicine, and Clean Energy

Electronic products pollute the environment with a number of heavy metals before, during, and after they're used. In the U.S. alone, an estimated 70% of heavy metals in landfills come from discarded electronics. With flat screen TVs getting bigger and cheaper every year, environmental costs continue to mount.

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