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Novel Wiring Technologies for High-Performance Applications

Because wire failure in aerospace vehicles could be catastrophic, smart wiring capabilities have been critical for NASA. Through the years, researchers at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) have developed technologies, expertise, and research facilities to meet this need.

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How Leading Aerospace Enterprises Use and Manage Materials Data

Join speakers from Lockheed Martin, Honeywell, and NASA as they share how they have implemented effective workflows for the management and use of critical data on composites, alloys, and other materials. They will discuss the impact on materials engineering, design, simulation, and on making better materials decisions. Combining the right materials data with the right tools, such enterprises can reduce cost and turnaround time in solving materials-related problems.

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Scripted Analysis of Charged Particle Beams Passing through Electromagnetic Fields

When a charged particle beam passes through electromagnetic fields in a device, the size and shape of the beam vary at any given distance along the beam axis.

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Innovative Antimicrobial Resistant Polymers for Medical Devices

Secondary infections found in hospital environments are becoming an increasingly significant concern for patients, hospital administrators, and staff. Patient care can be negatively affected when a secondary infection caused by a variety of microorganisms commonly found in healthcare environments leads to health issues for a patient. With insurance companies no longer covering the expense for secondary infections, the cost to hospitals for the infections can lead to a negative return on their bottom line.

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