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6 MP CMOS Image Sensor

The KAC-06040 Image Sensor from Truesense Imaging (Rochester, NY) is a 6 megapixel (2832 x 2128) 1-inch optical format device that provides 10-bit full resolution output at up to 160 fps. It joins the 12 megapixel KAC-12040 Image Sensor as the latest member of the TRUESENSE 4.7 micron CMOS Image Sensor Family, a platform that provides both global and rolling shutter for versatile image capture, very high frame rate, and excellent near-IR sensitivity. The platform also includes a flexible read-out architecture that supports programmable, multiple regions of interest, enabling full speed, interspersed video streams for simultaneous monitoring of both full field of view and multiple localized zones. Both devices share a common pin-out, allowing a single camera design to support both image sensors for a variety of applications. The KAC-06040 Image Sensor is available in monochrome and Bayer color configurations.

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Short Pulse, UV Fiber Laser

The newest short pulse, UV fiber laser from Coherent, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA) is called the Daytona HE. With output at 355 nm, it produces nanosecond and shorter pulses with peak powers of >45 kW (at repetition rates up to 525 kHz) and high pulse energies of >70 μJ (at up to 325 kHz repetition rate). Combined with its TEMoo, mode quality (M²<1.3), this makes the Daytona-HE suitable for precision micromachining of a comprehensive range of semiconductors, glasses, organics, metals, and other materials. Pulsewidth can be adjusted from

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Optical Inspection System Finds Defects in Ultra-High-Speed Manufacturing

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM in Germany have developed an optical inspection system called WIRE-AOI that can detect defects in strip products such as pipes, rails, and wires in real time. The system detects micro-defects that zoom past it at 10 meters per second, and are no thicker than a human hair. Workers then see the processed defects depicted graphically on a monitor, and can remove the corresponding pieces.

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Air And Missile Defense System To Get Smarter Software

When a missile is launched against an enemy target, it would be nice to have a lot of good information about that target. But when "decision makers push the fire button, they may have very little data, and sometimes not timely enough data," said Col. Rob Rasch Jr., project manager, Integrated Air and Missile Defense Project Office, or IAMD, at Redstone Arsenal, Ala. "Nowhere in the current Army architecture is there a way to share information from all of our various sensors and weapons to have better integrated coverage," he pointed out, referring to situational awareness for those operating Patriot and other missile defense systems like those used for short-range air defense.

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Bending Light with a Tiny Chip

Imagine that you are in a meeting with coworkers or at a gathering of friends. You pull out your cell phone to show a presentation or a video on YouTube. But you don't use the tiny screen; your phone projects a bright, clear image onto a wall or a big screen. Such a technology may be on its way, thanks to a new light-bending silicon chip developed by researchers at Caltech.

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Demystifying Spectroscopy

Spectroscopy techniques date back to Isaac Newton’s first studies of light and today provide researchers with a better understanding of what happens at the atomic and molecular level when matter interacts with light. Advances in electro-optics, high-speed array detectors, inexpensive optical fibers and powerful computers have spurred the growth of miniature spectroscopy. This miniaturization has increasingly made optical spectroscopy the sensing technique of choice for many real-world applications.

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Photoelectric Laser Distance Sensors

photoelectric sensor offering to include OPT series short and long range distance sensors. Available with either Class 1 or Class 2 laser options, the distance sensors are constructed with rectangular plastic housings and fitted with an M12 quick-disconnect.

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