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Self-Healing Wire Insulation
Thermomechanical Methodology for Stabilizing Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) Response
Space Optical Communications Using Laser Beams
High Field Superconducting Magnets
Active Response Gravity Offload and Method
Sonar Inspection Robot System

Brush DC Motors

Portescap (West Chester, PA) introduced the Athlonix™ 22DCP brush DC motors available in a 22-mm diameter. They feature a coreless design with a self-supporting coil and magnetic circuit, and are available in two configurations: precious metal commutation, and graphite commutation with Alnico magnet inside. An REE (Restriction of Electro Erosion) coil is an available option. The motors are compatible with encoders and gearheads of various sizes and ratios. For Free Info Visit http://info.hotims.com/61060-313

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Linear Actuator

The Servo Cylinder from Ultra Motion (Cutchogue, NY) is a compact brushless DC linear actuator with Phase Index™ absolute position feedback. The integrated Phase Index sensor is digital, high-resolution, and non-contacting with a wide operating temperature range, and is resistant to a range of harsh environmental conditions. The combination of Phase Index with the Servo Cylinder eliminates the need for homing, limit switches, potentiometers, LVDTs, optical encoders, and Hall Effect sensors. The actuator can provide forces up to 530 lbf., speeds up to 14 in/s, and linear travel up to 7.75" with a maximum supply voltage range from 7-48 VDC. For Free Info Visit http://info.hotims.com/61060-314

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Brushless Torque Motors

Electromate (Greenville, DE) offers QTR Series compact torque motors from Tecnotion that can be integrated directly into a machine structure, with an open inner diameter that enables wire and cable feedthrough. The motors come with completely sealed stators and integrated temperature protection and measurement sensors. The motors eliminate the need for mechanical transmission components such as gearboxes, belts, and speed reducers. They feature braided power and sensor cables with strain relief integrated in the stator housing. The motors are available with outer diameters of 105, 133, and 160 mm, and build heights ranging from 17 mm to 92 mm. For Free Info Visit http://info.hotims.com/61060-315

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Robots and Humans - Let the Collaboration Begin

A collaborative robot is essentially an industrial robot with additional safety capabilities. These safety features include: Safety-rated monitored stop (zero speed limiting) Speed and separation monitoring (limiting) Hand-guiding Power and force limiting (PFL)

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Motion Control Challenges for Deep-Sea ROVs

Deep-sea remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) present motion control design engineers with some difficult challenges. Applications may include ROV propulsion, position thrusters, dive vanes, rudders, or robotic arms. Some problems are common to all of them.

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How To Make Pressure Switches That Last

Simple design principles for harsh operating conditions Fluid control systems for many aerospace, industrial and heavy equipment applications require accurate, reliable pressure switching under harsh operating conditions. In these applications, the wrong pressure switch can cause catastrophic damage or even endanger human life.

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Driving Auto Performance Through Lubricant Selection

Underhood temperatures are gradually rising as aerodynamics dictate tighter packaging and large engines are being replaced by smaller turbocharged and supercharged engines for improved fuel efficiency. With ambient temperatures under the hood exceeding 120 °C (248 °F), finding a lubricant that can withstand the high temperatures for an extended period of time is key.

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