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Transducer-Actuator Systems for On-Machine Measurements and Automatic Part Alignment
Wide-Area Surveillance Using HD LWIR Uncooled Sensors
Heavy Lift Wing in Ground (WIG) Cargo Flying Boat
Technique Provides Security for Multi-Robot Systems
Bringing New Vision to Laser Material Processing Systems
NASA Tests Lasers’ Ability to Transmit Data from Space
Converting from Hydraulic Cylinders to Electric Actuators
Automating Optimization and Design Tasks Across Disciplines
Vibration Tables Shake Up Aerospace and Car Testing
Supercomputer Cooling System Uses Refrigerant to Replace Water

Servo Drives

Technosoft (Neuchatel, Switzerland) has announced the iPOS3602 BX-CAN and iPOS3604 BXCAN closed-frame intelligent drives. Equipped with a CAN interface, the drives control rotary or linear brushless, DC brush, and step motors of powers up to 144W and 36V nominal voltage. They drive 2 A or 4 A continuous currents, and 3.2 A or 10 A peak currents at a supply voltage ranging from 12 to 36 Vdc, with a PWM of 20 kHz frequency. The servo drives offer single- or multiple-axis control functions such as master-slave or standalone operations. They embed motion controller, drive, and PLC functionality in one unit.

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Electronic Valves

Clippard Instrument Laboratory (Cincinnati, OH) has introduced the Analytical Series electronic valves available in 2-way or 3-way, normally closed or fully ported. The “A-E” Series pneumatic valves utilize a patented valve system that features power consumption of 0.67 Watts, a response time of 5 to 10 milliseconds, and voltages of 6, 12, or 24 VDC. Special materials, manufacturing, and assembly processes enable the valve to be used for applications where internal cleanliness, bubbletight operation, and long life are required.

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Dispensing Pump

Aalborg® Instruments (Orangeburg, NY) offers the TPV RP dispensing peristaltic pumps with adjustable RPM that can be timer-relay set to start dispensing liquids for a selected time period, and to stop dispensing for another selected time period. Seven time intervals are possible. Easily accessible controls enable priming, dynamic braking, RPM setting, and flow direction reversing. The adjustable pump handle serves as a base to lift and angle the pump face, and ensures that the controls are accessible. Designed to pump liquids of low to high viscosity from source to destination, the pump can accommodate user-set speeds of 0 to 300 RPM with a flow range of 0-5000 ml/min. Features include 3 stainless steel rollers and stainless steel shafts, fixed occlusion wall, 24 VDC brushless motor, and a safety cover.

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Motors Power NASA’s Interactive Humanoid Tour Guide

RoboThespian is a programmable, interactive humanoid robot designed to communicate, interact, and entertain. First developed in 2006 by Cornish company Engineered Arts, RoboThespian stands 5'9", with a full range of upper-body movement and human-like eyes. NASA will employ the robot’s third generation as a figurehead — meeting and greeting over 1.5 million visitors per year at its futuristic Cape Canaveral base.

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Linear Guide Systems Streamline Aircraft Seat Assembly and Operation

Linear guide rails are an important component within aircraft interiors. Following are some of the places where they are used:

• For seat adjustments — forward and back seat movements, footrests, sliding armrests, and tables.
• Rails enable 180° positioning for super first class seats that flatten for sleeping.
• Sliding privacy screens between passengers.
• Kitchen slide-outs, such as garbage compactors.
• Sliding lavatory doors.

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Custom Drive System Helps Mercedes-Benz Reduce Draft in Convertibles

The AIRCAP® automatic draft stop, offered in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class convertibles, is distinctively different from conventional angular wind deflectors. It is entirely embedded into the car body and completely concealed into the windshield frame when deactivated. In its activated state, an aerodynamically shaped wind deflector extends on top of the windshield without disfiguring the automobile’s aesthetic side line.

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The NV type STUDROLLER™ from NB Corp. (Hanover Park, IL) is designed for motion control applications with extremely fast acceleration and deceleration at dimensions ranging from 30 to 600-mm lengths. The slide features Anti-Creep Cage Technology and raceway depressions that track the nodules, preventing slippage in any position. Load capacities were increased 1.4 to 2.3 times over the standard SV type, and the number of rollers was increased 20 to 55 percent.

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Control Platform

The Ensemble® LAB control platform from Aerotech (Pittsburgh, PA) enables automation of light industrial manufacturing applications. The full-color touchscreen display enables access to core functionality, while the tabbed interface provides singlepress access to setup and operation screens. An integral rubberized frontpanel interface provides tactile feedback for jogging and manual positioning operations. The platform is programmed in a BASIC-like syntax, and is programmed offline with a graphical user interface in Windows®.

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Inclination Sensors

Balluff (Florence, KY) offers BSI inclination sensors that measure the deviation in a horizontal axis of up to 360 degrees. They operate in temperatures down to -40 °C. They feature rugged metal housing and accuracy of 0.1 degree for controlling processes. An extended temperature range of -40 to 85 °C is suitable for outdoor applications such as oil and gas extraction, wind energy systems, and solar-thermal power plants.

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Coupler Brake

Force Control Industries (Fairfield, OH) offers a double C-Face coupler brake that mounts on the drive end of a standard C-Face motor. Mounting the brake between the reducer and C-Face motor allows a standard C-face motor to be used. Applications include palletizers, packaging machinery, and cranes. The Posistop air-actuated and MagnaShear electrically actuated coupler brakes never need adjustment. An annual fluid change, without removing the motor, is required.

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