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NASA's Hot 100 Technologies: Information Technology & Software

Enhanced Project Management Tool This invention is a system for managing a project that includes multiple tasks and workers. Periodic monthly, task plan, schedule, and budget reports are generated and made available for display or further analysis. When the system receives a description of a skill set needed for a project, the skill set module is queried. The name and relevant skill(s) possessed by each worker is displayed in a visually perceptible format.

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Industrial Computed Tomography Inspects Parts in 3D

This nondestructive testing method can quickly inspect parts in 3D while maintaining very high accuracy. Jesse Garant & Associates Inc., Windsor, Ontario, Canada Avery important stage in the manufacturing and production cycle of a part is designing and verifying a prototype. Very often in the medical, automotive, or aerospace industries, very expensive and valuable parts are cut open to locate internal failures or to retrieve internal measurements. Such parts are left destroyed and can no longer be functional after the testing process.

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System Health Monitoring Software Learns System Behavior from Data

The new techniques provide faster response and require less computer memory. Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California The Inductive Monitoring System (IMS) software tool uses data mining techniques to automatically characterize nominal system operation by analyzing archived system data. These nominal characterizations are then used to perform near-real-time system health monitoring or to analyze archived system data to detect anomalies in system behavior as compared with previous nominal behavior.

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Detecting High Stress in Oral Interviews and Text Documents

Content of an interview or text is subjected to various levels of statistical analysis to determine if the person knows the truth and is communicating it. Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California When a person is interviewed, some of the answers may be inaccurate, or even deceptive, because the person may have either incomplete information, is telling only part of the truth, or is fabricating a false answer, or a combination of all three. When the person is habitually making statements that are known to be false, or only partly true, emotional and/or intellectual conflicts often arise within them, and these conflicts may become manifest by inconsistencies in use of different parts of speech or in logical relationships between statements. These inconsistencies are more subtle than inconsistencies in factual statements, and identification of these inconsistencies is more difficult and less straightforward than identification of factual inconsistencies.

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Titan Lake and Shore Sampler

The device is suitable for cryogenic dispensing of fluids, and for cryocoolers. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California A lake and shore sampling and sample distribution system was developed for a Titan lake environment (93.7 K, in liquid hydrocarbons). The Titan Lake and Shore Sampler (TLASS) would enable the chemical analysis of hydrocarbon lake samples via a Dual Rectilinear Ion and Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectrometry.

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VLBI Antenna Calibration by GPS

This technique could be adapted to monitor deformations of any large outdoor structure including dams, bridges, and buildings. Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland The determination of local geodetic parameters for VLBI (very-long-baseline interferometry) antennas is traditionally done by conventional surveying techniques. These techniques are laborious and error-prone. The objective here was to develop a space geodesy method of measuring the parameters to make it easy to reproduce and provide long-term monitoring of the parameters. Errors are reduced by automating the process.

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Predicting Heart Age Using Electrocardiography

Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, Houston, Texas Knowledge of a patient’s cardiac age, or “heart age,” could prove useful to both patients and physicians for encouraging lifestyle changes that are potentially beneficial for cardiovascular health. This may be particularly true for patients who exhibit symptoms, but who test negative for cardiac pathology.

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