10 Reasons Silicone Rubber is the Right Choice for Lighting Applications

The lighting industry is rapidly evolving with advanced materials and LED Luminaire products. Learn how liquid silicone rubber (LSR) is a versatile material option when designing for new lighting applications. LSR provides improved impact resistance, high heat resistance, is non-yellowing and offers the ability to eliminate components from your assembly, saving you time and money. We will discuss 10 reasons why you should be using LSR and exactly how Proto Labs can help you. Don’t miss this illuminating session.

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Why Choose Polymer Capacitors?

Polymer Capacitors offer a multitude of advantages over many other capacitor technologies. With over 15 years of experience in the field, this technology has expanded to nearly every segment of the electronics industry, including military and avionics applications in recent years. As the trends for electronic components continue to move toward smaller package sizes, higher reliability and lower parasitic properties, polymer capacitors continue to gain momentum with no other capacitor technologies being able to deliver an equal level of performance.

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High Performance, 1.5 µm, CW and Pulsed Fiber Lasers

There has been increasing interest recently in high power pulsed and CW fiber lasers sources in the 1.5 micron region. Operating at this wavelength has an advantage in eye safety when compared with 1 µm laser sources and also coincides with a window of atmospheric transparency.

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Benefits of Low-Volume Production

Learn how to decrease your time to market as well as reducing risk and cost associated with injection molding. Although low-volume production is typically used at the beginning of the product life cycle, it can also be useful at the end of a products life. In this presentation you will not only learn about plastic injection molding but also liquid silicone rubber, metal and magnesium injection molding. Learn the ins and outs of low volume production and how it can benefit you and your product.

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Why You Should Use Multiphysics Simulation

Multiphysics simulation has experienced a dramatic evolution to support the unique and increasingly rigorous demands of today’s engineering industry. COMSOL Multiphysics® provides the tools needed for every engineer, not just simulation experts, to use multiphysics simulation as a means to better understand and optimize their designs while meeting time-to-market goals.

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Guidelines for Ensuring PCB Manufacturability

The rules of PCB design have changed little over the years, but the demands on the boards themselves keep increasing. The need for smaller, more complex boards used in smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices translates into less real estate for greater functionality.

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Designing for the DMLS Process

Direct Metal Laser Sintering is an emerging additive manufacturing technology that has great potential to change the way parts are manufactured.

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