Coming Soon - Conformal Coatings Improve Reliability for Innovative Technologies

For decades, the medical, electronics, military, automotive and aerospace industries have used conformal coatings for a variety of reasons, including to protect components from their environment, enhance lubricity, provide thermal and electrical insulation, stabilize delicate structures, and function as an interface that is biocompatible. As advances in technology demand devices and components become smaller in size, more complex in nature and face increasingly harsh environments, newer designs present challenges for many conformal coatings. Poly(para-xylylene), known as Parylene, is an ultra-thin, pinhole-free, inert, transparent conformal coating that meets these challenges. With a successful track record spanning more than 40 years, Parylene coatings have enhanced the reliability of numerous devices and components such as circuit boards, MEMS, LEDs, stents, pacemakers, electrosurgical tools, sensors, and elastomeric components, to name only a few.

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Coming Soon - Accelerate Medical Device Innovation By Removing the Risk of Quality Failure

Medical device manufacturers are faced with the challenge of bringing new products to market faster and in an ever more demanding regulatory environment.

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