Coming Soon - Ensuring Reliability and Safety of Connected Car Technology

In conjunction with SAE The internet has now come to the automobile, bringing connectivity for infotainment, telematics and vehicle data analytics. The connected car is rapidly becoming a key node in the emerging Internet of Things. While connected car technology is a bonus and a pleasure for car buyers, it poses unprecedented new engineering challenges regarding reliability, safety and security for car manufacturers.

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Coming Soon - Component Design with a Twist

Helixes in nature abound—from the formation of DNA, to the spiral of a seashell, to the tendril of a climbing vine. That is because the helical structure provides support for the curve through three-dimensional space. Taking a cue from nature, Fort Wayne Metals created its Helical Hollow Strand (HHS® Tube) with up to three layers to provide engineers with solutions to design problems that exceed the capabilities of conventional constructions.

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