Solving the Challenges of Grounding and Bonding Composite Airframes

Weight-saving composite airframes create new challenges in providing reliable grounding and bonding systems.

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Case Studies with Poly(p-xylylene) Polymers – Parylene Coated Elastomers

In this Webinar we will focus most of our attention on parylene coating of elastomers. You will see commercially viable solutions that enhance lubricity and ruggedize elastomeric components operating in challenging environments.

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Fundamentals of Heat Pipes: Theory, Design Applications

With increased power requirements and reducing packaging size, thermal management is critical for to ensure optimum performance of key electronics in military, medical and other commercial applications. Heat Pipes, which are ‘super conductors’ of heat, are now being more frequently utilized to solve these challenging heat issues. Although heat pipes have been around for decades, many new applications for them continue to emerge.

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Expediting the Process of TET Meshing Highly Complex Solid Geometry for FEA

Meshing solid geometry with tetrahedral elements is a quick way of creating finite element models, but is not without its challenges. In some cases, solid geometry cannot be successfully meshed by the most advanced tetrahedral mesher. In many other cases, a tetrahedral mesh is produced, but is composed of poorly distorted elements that are inadequate for finite element analysis.

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Accelerating the Aircraft Icing Certification Process Using Simulation

Icing on aircraft surfaces, appendages, sensors and its impact on aircraft engines is a safety critical aspect of aircraft design that impacts the whole supply chain. Achieving regulatory certification is a complex and time consuming process involving simulation, icing tunnels and flight testing. Recent regulatory changes and industry focus around high altitude ice crystals and Supercooled Large Droplets have further challenged the design process and the time to market for new aircraft and technology.

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Friction Reduction: Finding New Gains in Powertrain Efficiency

In conjunction with SAE International Facing the super-stringent U.S. and European CO2 emission requirements for 2020 and beyond, powertrain engineers need to squeeze every last tenth of a mile-per-gallon of efficiency out of new engines, transmissions, and drivelines. Reducing internal friction on rotating and reciprocating components, as well as across systems, is now a major design and engineering priority. New technology solutions in the critical areas of powertrain systems design, bearings, and seals are appearing as a result. This webcast’s panel of experts will examine these issues and offer solutions. Webcast attendees will be invited to interact with the experts during the Q&A portion of the 60-minute webcast.

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The Changing Face of Robotics: Advanced Modeling and Simulation Techniques for Multibody Robotic Systems

Robotic technology has improved dramatically in the past decade, and applications are getting more complex as well. While a prior generation stunned the world by sending men to the moon in the 1960s, this generation will soon make a robot dance better than Michael Jackson.

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