Internal-Combustion Engine Design and Optimization

In conjunction with SAE Internal-combustion engine designers are continually under pressure to reduce fuel consumption and improve efficiency. ANSYS Forte makes use of the industry’s most accurate fuel chemistry and spray models in simulations to predict the impact of multiple engine design attributes on performance, fuel economy, and emissions.

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Polymer and Processing Challenges for the Next Endovascular Revolution

Recent clinical data suggests Bioabsorbable Vascular Scaffolds (BRS) will be the next revolution in endovascular therapy. BRS have been shown to afford restored vasomotion, late luminal enlargement, and reduced angina. While the day where BRS becomes the standard of care is fast approaching, transitioning from metals to bioabsorbable polymers has not been without major challenges.

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Increasing Tier 4 Efficiencies via Systems Integration

In conjuction with SAE With a victory over Tier 4 emissions regulations achieved across the off-highway industry, engines manufacturers, OEMs, and other system suppliers now must find other ways to differentiate themselves and gain competitive advantages over rivals. The main way to do that is to collaborate on increasing system efficiencies along the entire lifecycle of a vehicle and its components via optimum systems integration.

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Best Practices for Creating Strong Bonds using UV LED Curing & Plasma Treatment

Join UV curing experts OmniCure by Excelitas Technologies and the plasma treating pros from Enercon for an insightful webinar on the best practices when using curable coatings, inks and adhesives.

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Fast Identification of Groundwater Contaminant in Plants

In collaboration with the State University of New York and the Naval Research Laboratory, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center is developing a hyperspectral estimator to detect trichloroethylene (TCE) in plants. TCE has been a widely used industrial solvent known to be toxic to humans and animals. Although its use and disposal have become more restricted in recent years, TCE is one of the more prevalent groundwater contaminants in the United States.

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Case Studies of Aircraft Engine Turbine Blade Failures

Superalloys used in aircraft engine components are engineered to withstand extreme thermomechanical conditions. However, failures of turbine blades still occur.

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Sustainable Solutions: Reduced Emissions for Vehicle Interiors

In conjunction with SAE Automotive manufacturers are under increased pressure to improve sustainability, fuel efficiency and emissions, and suppliers are in the ideal position to help. During this free 30-minute Webinar, experts in sustainability and engineering will discuss lightweight, renewable solutions with an emphasis on emissions reduction in the cabin and during the manufacturing process.

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