Design For Manufacturability - Advanced Technologies That Aid Engineers In The Transition From Design To Production

In conjunction with SAE The aerospace industry is embracing technological breakthroughs concerning advanced materials and additive manufacturing to maximize manufacturing efficiencies. As a result, engineering’s emphasis has switched from understanding the basics of advanced materials and additive manufacturing to incorporating them into the early stages of designs. This webcast will look at processes and tools being used by engineers throughout the industry to maximize the communication and collaboration skills between design and manufacturing so that better decisions are made early in the development stage, no matter how small the component or how big the aircraft. Webinar attendees will be invited to interact with the experts during an Audience Q&A.

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Walt Bruce, Convective Heating for Improvement for Emergency Fire Shelters (CHIEFS) Senior Engineer, and Anthony Calomino, Materials and Structures Engineer

After a 2013 wildfire led to the loss of 19 elite Arizona firefighters, Langley Research Center engineers, including Walt Bruce and Anthony Calomino, worked with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Forest Service to see how NASA’s spacecraft thermal protection system could be used to create new emergency fire shelters on Earth.

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Make Realistic Prototypes in Less Time with Multi-Material 3D Printing

Creating prototypes that look and feel like their production counterparts greatly reduces the product development cycle and makes communication of design ideas much more effective. Most prototypes, however, are made from multiple parts that need to be assembled, which takes time.

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Generating Accurate Dynamic Loads for Finite Element Analysis

Dynamic loads are far more difficult to predict and understand compared to static loads, and this is especially true in systems with multiple moving parts, complex interactions and dynamic phenomena.

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Designing Reliable Plastic Parts with Process-Driven Simulation Methods

Many industries are benefiting in 'lightweighting' efforts by using innovative composite materials like reinforced plastics. Successful design of plastic parts for structural performance requires greater insight into the manufacturing process and behavior of the materials early in the design cycle.

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Guidelines for Ensuring PCB Manufacturability

The rules of PCB design have changed little over the years, but the demands on the boards themselves keep increasing. The need for smaller, more complex boards used in smartphones, tablets, and other handheld devices translates into less real estate for greater functionality.

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Multiphysics Flow Simulations

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is often included in multiphysics analyses as a way to understand fluid flow, as well as being the convective mode for other physics. In this webinar, we will explain how to simulate CFD applications in COMSOL Multiphysics® including laminar, turbulent, and multiphase flows interacting with structures (FSI). We will also examine mass transport, electromagnetics, and heat transfer.

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