Improve Safety and Stability Performance for Heavy Equipment using Simulation Methods

In order to ensure safety and stability, MSC is working with the Heavy Equipment Industry to conduct load prediction for structural safety, tip-over studies for stability analysis, as well as to study various accident scenarios in a virtual test environment.

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Additive Manufacturing Initiatives at Sandia National Laboratories

Additive manufacturing (AM), commonly referred to as 3D printing, is a hot topic these days. Sandia National Laboratories has been pioneering development and commercialization of the technology for over 30 years now.

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Learn more about the Fortus 380mc and 450mc Stratasys 3D Printers

This presentation highlights the customer benefits of the 380mc and 450mc Stratasys 3D production systems. Not only do these printers let you build accurate, repeatable parts faster than ever before but they also produce jigs, fixtures, factory tooling and end-use parts, as well as functional prototypes to withstand stringent testing. With four layer thicknesses to choose from, you can strike the right balance between strength and detail while also leveraging FDM’s fastest build time.

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From Model to Simulation Apps with COMSOL

The Application Builder and COMSOL Server™ provide a platform for simulation experts to spread the use of simulation in their organization.

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Interview with Jim Odom, Hubble Project Manager 1983-1986

Jim Odom served as project manager on the Hubble Space Telescope from 1983 to 1986. As the world celebrates Hubble’s 25th anniversary, Mr. Odom shared some of his experiences on the project.

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Carolyn Parcheta, NASA Postdoctoral Fellow, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

A geologist by training, Carolyn Parcheta had an idea in July of 2013 to develop a robot that explores and measures the shape of volcanic fissures. She worked with engineering teams at JPL to develop the VolcanoBot. In May 2014, the robot explored Mauna Ulu on Kilauea’s East Rift Zone in Hawaii. A smaller, more compact version, VolcanoBot 2, will return early this month.

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Developing Cutting Edge Lighter Than Air Vehicles at Aeros: The Role of Physics Based Simulation

Aeros is America's most innovative FAA-certified lighter than air vehicle manufacturing company and their products are used for both military and commercial applications. In this Webinar, Aeros will describe the business challenges of getting a successful lighter than air vehicle to market and approved by the regulator and the critical role that physics based simulation has played in this process.

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