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Linear Guides For The Next Generation Of Medical Machines

At IKO, we offer an extensive line of miniature linear motion products that can meet the requirements of size-constrained medical applications. Among them are the world’s smallest recirculating ball linear guide, which has a track rail width of just 1-mm and a cross sectional height of 2.5-mm. We also offer a tiny ball-spline guide which has a shaft diameter of 2-mm and a cylinder diameter of 6-mm.

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IEC 61131-3 Now in Motion

The IEC 61131-3 standard defines 5 programming languages for PLCs and distributed control systems. More recently, dedicated motion companies such as Trio Motion Technology are incorporating the standard into their motion control hardware. By adding specific functions such as camming, electronic gearing, and interpolated motion the controllers have a widely supported usability on the factory floor. Additionally, such controllers can be very compact in size and low cost making them a good choice for a vast array of machines.

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Force Sensors for Design

The Tekscan Force Sensors for Design White Paper provides insights on various force sensing technologies including: Comparison of various force sensing technologies such as load cells, piezoresistive, and capacitive sensors. Discussion of issues including power consumption, size, cost, and durability. Real-life examples of how thin and flexible tactile force sensors have contributed to the success of OEMs in a variety of applications and industries. What to consider in choosing a technology partner, including engineering support, customization, and manufacturing capabilities.

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