February 2013

Product of the Month: the 85521711 International Power Source (IPS)

Interpower Corporation, Oskaloosa, IA, has introduced the 85521711 International Power Source (IPS), a source of AC power at various operating voltages and frequencies found around the world, which is important for testing any products that are exported. Common operating...

Researchers Develop Robotic Bat Wing

Researchers at Brown University have developed a robotic bat wing that provides valuable new information about dynamics of flapping flight in real bats. The robot, which mimics the wing shape and motion of the lesser dog-faced fruit bat, is designed to flap while attached to a force transducer in a wind...

Question of the Week
Will Telepresence Robots Become Commonplace over the Next Decade?

Last month, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared iRobot's RP-VITA telepresence robot for operation in hospitals. Controlled by an iPad interface, the RP-VITA allows doctors to virtually "visit" patients and staff remotely. Similarly, it was reported this month that a...

Products : Electronics & Computers
DC/DC Converter

Green Watt Power, a division of Calex Mfg. Co., Inc. (Concord, CA) has announced the 450 Watt EVD-89-S-450-G3201 DC/DC converter. The EVD is a ruggedized DC/DC converter suitable for electric vehicle, marine, industrial and other applications which draw power from a bank of batteries or another high voltage DC power source. The...

Products : Electronics & Computers

Ultra low power (ULP) RF specialist Nordic Semiconductor ASA (Oslo, Norway) has announced the availability of a lower cost variant of its nRF51822 Bluetooth® low energy and proprietary 2.4GHz SoC (System-on-Chip) that will offer an identical feature, peripherals, and performance set but half the flash memory at 128kB (instead of...

Products : Electronics & Computers
PC/104 CAN Module

WinSystems (Arlington, TX) has introduced their PCM-CAN-2-ISO, a PC/104- compliant, dual channel, isolated Controller Area Network (CAN) module with Windows and Linux drivers available. The board employs high-speed isolated data couplers and power supplies to provide 1000V protection between the two NXP SJA1000 CAN controllers...

Products : Electronics & Computers
Media Processing Accelerator

Emerson Network Power (Tempe, AZ) has announced a performance breakthrough for adding voice and video to network server applications. Where a typical commercial Host Media Processing solution is limited to 2000 ports per server, a single Emerson Network Power PCIE-8120 PCI Express media processing acceleration card...

Question of the Week
As the Fitness Technology Market Expands, Will You Use New Personal Fitness/Health Devices?

The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) announced that this year's Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas had 25 percent more booths related to digital health and fitness technology compared to the previous year's event. Showcased products...

News : Energy
Research Paves Way For Larger, Safer Lithium Ion Batteries

Looking toward improved batteries for charging electric cars and storing energy from renewable but intermittent solar and wind, scientists at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have developed the first high-performance, nanostructured solid electrolyte for more energy-dense lithium ion...

Microscope Captures Motion of DNA Structures

Scientists at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) have recently developed techniques for visualizing the behavior of biological nanostructures in both space and time, allowing them to directly measure stiffness and map its variation throughout the network.

Knowing the mechanical...

News : Transportation
New Factor Found That Could Limit Life Of Electric Car Batteries

A new study of the batteries commonly used in hybrid and electric-only cars has revealed an unexpected factor that could limit the performance of batteries currently on the road. Researchers led by Ohio State University engineers examined used car batteries and discovered that over...

Question of the Week
Will Wearable Computing Replace the Smartphone over the Next Decade?

The New York Times reported last week that Apple is experimenting with wristwatch-like devices made of curved glass. Although these kinds of "smartwatches" do not yet have the market that tablets and smartphones do, consumers have shown some interest in buying them.

News : Photonics/Optics
Hogberry Inspires Color-Tunable Photonic Fibers

A team of materials scientists at Harvard University and the University of Exeter, UK, has invented a new fiber that changes color when stretched. Inspired by nature, the researchers identified and replicated the unique structural elements that create the bright, iridescent blue color of a tropical...

Question of the Week
Is 3D Printing a Promising Technology for Future Space Missions?

Industrial partners have joined with the European Space Agency (ESA) to test the feasibility of 3D printing using lunar soil. The ESA is assessing whether it is possible to build a lunar base from materials found on the moon.

Briefs : Information Technology
Measurements of Ultra-Stable Oscillator (USO) Allan Deviations in Space

Researchers have used data from the GRAIL mission to the Moon to make the first in-flight verification of ultra-stable oscillators (USOs) with Allan deviation below 10–13 for 1-to-100-second averaging times. USOs are flown in space to provide stable timing...

Briefs : Physical Sciences
Rover Low Gain Antenna Qualification for Deep Space Thermal Environments

A method to qualify the Rover Low Gain Antenna (RLGA) for use during the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission has been devised. The RLGA antenna must survive all ground operations, plus the nominal 670 Martian sol mission that includes the summer and winter seasons of the...

Briefs : Software
Gaseous Nitrogen Orifice Mass Flow Calculator

The Gaseous Nitrogen (GN2) Orifice Mass Flow Calculator was used to determine Space Shuttle Orbiter Water Spray Boiler (WSB) GN2 high-pressure tank source depletion rates for various leak scenarios, and the ability of the GN2 consumables to support cooling of Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) lubrication...

Briefs : Physical Sciences
Automated, Ultra-Sterile Solid Sample Handling and Analysis on a Chip

There are no existing ultra-sterile lab-on- a-chip systems that can accept solid samples and perform complete chemical analyses without human intervention. The proposed solution is to demonstrate completely automated lab-on- a-chip manipulation of powdered solid samples,...

Briefs : Information Technology
Validation of Proposed Metrics for Two-Body Abrasion Scratch Test Analysis Standards

Abrasion of mechanical components and fabrics by soil on Earth is typically minimized by the effects of atmosphere and water. Potentially abrasive particles lose sharp and pointed geometrical features through erosion. In environments where such erosion does not...

Briefs : Information Technology
Measuring and Estimating Normalized Contrast in Infrared Flash Thermography

Infrared flash thermography (IRFT) is used to detect void-like flaws in a test object. The IRFT technique involves heating up the part surface using a flash of flash lamps. The post-flash evolution of the part surface temperature is sensed by an IR camera in terms of...

Briefs : Physical Sciences
Spectrally and Radiometrically Stable, Wideband, Onboard Calibration Source

The Onboard Calibration (OBC) source incorporates a medical/scientific-grade halogen source with a precisely designed fiber coupling system, and a fiber-based intensity-monitoring feedback loop that results in radiometric and spectral stabilities to within

Briefs : Manufacturing & Prototyping
High-Reliability Waveguide Vacuum/Pressure Window

The NASA Deep Space Network (DSN) uses commercial waveguide windows on the output waveguide of Ka-band (32 GHz) low-noise amplifiers. Mechanical failure of these windows resulted in an unacceptable loss in tracking time.

Briefs : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Methods of Fabricating Scintillators With Radioisotopes for Beta Battery Applications

Technology has been developed for a class of self-contained, long-duration power sources called beta batteries, which harvest the energy contained in the radioactive emissions from beta decay isotopes. The new battery is a significant improvement over the...

Briefs : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Magnetic Shield for Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerators (ADR)

A new method was developed for creating a less expensive shield for ADRs using 1018 carbon steel. This shield has been designed to have similar performance to the expensive vanadium permen dur shields, but the cost is 30 to 50% less. Also, these shields can be stocked in a variety...

Briefs : Materials
High-Temperature, Lightweight, Self- Healing Ceramic Composites for Aircraft Engine Applications

The use of reliable, high-temperature, lightweight materials in the manufacture of aircraft engines is expected to result in lower fossil and biofuel consumption, thereby leading to cost savings and lower carbon emissions due to air travel. Although...

Briefs : Materials
Treatment to Control Adhesion of Silicone-Based Elastomers

Seals are used to facilitate the joining of two items, usually temporarily. At some point in the future, it is expected that the items will need to be separated. This innovation enables control of the adhesive properties of silicone-based elastomers. The innovation may also be effective...

Briefs : Materials
High-Temperature Adhesives for Thermally Stable Aero-Assist Technologies

Aero-assist technologies are used to control the velocity of exploration vehicles (EVs) when entering Earth or other planetary atmospheres. Since entry of EVs in planetary atmospheres results in significant heating, thermally stable aero-assist technologies are required to...

Briefs : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Rock Gripper for Sampling, Mobility, Anchoring, and Manipulation

A new gripper mechanism can be used as an end effector for a long arm that reaches out from a nearby spacecraft for a touch-and-go type of mission. The gripper would stabilize the arm and allow samples to be collected and in situ science to be done from a fixed platform. In the...

Briefs : Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Rockballer Sample Acquisition Tool

It would be desirable to acquire rock and/or ice samples that extend below the surface of the parent rock or ice in extraterrestrial environments such as the Moon, Mars, comets, and asteroids. Such samples would allow measurements to be made further back into the geologic history of the rock, providing critical...

Briefs : Physical Sciences
Advanced Magnetic Materials Methods and Numerical Models for Fluidization in Microgravity and Hypogravity

To support long-duration manned missions in space such as a permanent lunar base, Mars transit, or Mars Surface Mission, improved methods for the treatment of solid wastes, particularly methods that recover valuable resources, are needed....

Briefs : Physical Sciences
Data Transfer for Multiple Sensor Networks Over a Broad Temperature Range

At extreme temperatures, cryogenic and over 300 °C, few electronic components are available to support intelligent data transfer over a common, linear combining medium. This innovation allows many sensors to operate on the same wire bus (or on the same airwaves or optical...

Briefs : Physical Sciences
Using Combustion Synthesis to Reinforce Berms and Other Regolith Structures

The Moonraker Excavator and other tools under development for use on the Moon, Mars, and asteroids will be employed to construct a number of civil engineering projects and to mine the soil. Mounds of loose soil will be subject to the local transport mechanisms plus...

Briefs : Physical Sciences
Three-Axis Attitude Estimation With a High-Bandwidth Angular Rate Sensor

A continuing challenge for modern instrument pointing control systems is to meet the increasingly stringent pointing performance requirements imposed by emerging advanced scientific, defense, and civilian payloads. Instruments such as adaptive optics telescopes, space...

Briefs : Physical Sciences
Visible-Infrared Hyperspectral Image Projector

The VisIR HIP generates spatially-spectrally complex scenes. The generated scenes simulate real-world targets viewed by various remote sensing instruments. The VisIR HIP consists of two subsystems: a spectral engine and a spatial engine. The spectral engine generates spectrally complex uniform...

Briefs : Information Technology

The Change_Detection.m MATLAB tool detects changes in an image by comparing the image to a background estimation. The change detection software is a MATLAB function designed to work on either a single image or a sequence of images, and computes changes with respect to a background image by one of four techniques:

Briefs : Software
Ionospheric Simulation System for Satellite Observations and Global Assimilative Modeling Experiments (ISOGAME)

ISOGAME is designed and developed to assess quantitatively the impact of new observation systems on the capability of imaging and modeling the ionosphere. With ISOGAME, one can perform observation system simulation experiments (OSSEs)....

Briefs : Software
An Extensible, User- Modifiable Framework for Planning Activities

This software provides a development framework that allows planning activities for the Mars Science Laboratory rover to be altered at any time, based on changes of the Activity Dictionary. The Activity Dictionary contains the definition of all activities that can be carried out by...

Briefs : Software
Mission Operations Center (MOC) - Precipitation Processing System (PPS) Interface Software System (MPISS)

MPISS is an automatic file transfer system that implements a combination of standard and mission-unique transfer protocols required by the Global Precipitation Measurement Mission (GPM) Precipitation Processing System (PPS) to control the...

Briefs : Software
AGATE: Adversarial Game Analysis for Tactical Evaluation

AGATE generates a set of ranked strategies that enables an autonomous vehicle to track/trail another vehicle that is trying to break the contact using evasive tactics. The software is efficient (can be run on a laptop), scales well with environmental complexity, and is suitable for use...

Briefs : Information Technology
Mixed Linear/Square-Root Encoded Single-Slope Ramp Provides Low-Noise ADC With High Linearity for Focal Plane Arrays

Single-slope analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) are particularly useful for on-chip digitization in focal plane arrays (FPAs) because of their inherent monotonicity, relative simplicity, and efficiency for column-parallel...

Briefs : Information Technology
X-Ray Detection and Processing Models for Spacecraft Navigation and Timing

The current primary method of deepspace navigation is the NASA Deep Space Network (DSN). High-performance navigation is achieved using Delta Differential One-Way Range techniques that utilize simultaneous observations from multiple DSN sites, and incorporate observations...

Briefs : Information Technology
RUSHMAPS: Real-time Uploadable Spherical Harmonic Moment Analysis for Particle Spectrometers

RUSHMAPS is a new onboard data reduction scheme that gives real-time access to key science parameters (e.g. moments) of a class of heliophysics science and/or solar system exploration investigation that includes plasma particle spectrometers (PPS), but...

Briefs : Information Technology
Automated 3D Damaged Cavity Model Builder for Lower Surface Acreage Tile on Orbiter

The 3D Automated Thermal Tool for Damaged Acreage Tile Math Model builder was developed to perform quickly and accurately 3D thermal analyses on damaged lower surface acreage tiles and structures beneath the damaged locations on a Space Shuttle Orbiter. The 3D...

Briefs : Information Technology
Powered Descent Guidance With General Thrust-Pointing Constraints

The Powered Descent Guidance (PDG) algorithm and software for generating Mars pinpoint or precision landing guidance profiles has been enhanced to incorporate thrust-pointing constraints. Pointing constraints would typically be needed for onboard sensor and navigation systems that...

Articles : Electronics & Computers
Looking Under the Hood of a Military Power Supply

There are power supplies in virtually every military electronic system. These ubiquitous devices come in all sizes and power ratings. And just like their commercial counterparts, they are available in the AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC configurations that provide the appropriate electrical energy to...

Products : Lighting
Transportable LED High Bay Luminaire

Delivering up to 12,500 lumens, the new Dialight (Newmarket, UK) SafeSite® transportable LED high bay luminaire is designed for temporary lighting applications and for maintenance tasks that require a robust light source, such as tank cleaning and sandblasting. With an operating voltage range of 110-277 VAC...

Products : Lighting
Rear-Mounted, Panel-Flush Light Pipes

VCC (Poway, CA) has developed a new series of low profile, panel-flush light pipes that are designed to blend in with the panel until they are illuminated and facilitate easy panel removal. Designated the LPCM Series, the light pipes are made of clear, optical grade acrylic for maximum light transmission,...

Products : Lighting
LED Fault-Management Chip

LED lights for critical applications such as vehicle lights, streetlamps and emergency lights are even more dependable and long-lasting thanks to a new fault-management chip from STMicroelectronics (Geneva, Switzerland). The new chip, the LBP01, is used in lamps that comprise multiple channels each containing several...

Products : Lighting
Open LED Protectors

Littelfuse, Inc. (Chicago, IL) has developed a new line of open LED protectors optimized to provide superior protection against open LEDs. The PLED6M Series LED protector is designed to provide a switching electronic shunt path when an LED in an LED string fails as an open circuit. This ensures that the entire array of LEDs...

Products : Lighting
Red Nitride Phosphors

Intematix (Fremont, CA) recently announced the release of the Ruby series of red nitride phosphors that enable exceptional efficacy, color rendering and reliability for high-power LEDs. These unique phosphors, backed by Intematix U.S. patent No. 8,274,215, are suitable for applications like general lighting and backlighting...

Products : Lighting
High Lumens LED Power Supply

Axelsys LLC (Fremont, CA) has announced the latest addition to its line of Axelerator™ Products and IP — the AXPS3000, High- Lumens LED Lamp power supply unit (PSU). Developed as a complete system power supply solution, the Axelerator AXPS3000 has been designed as a ready Commercial off-the- Shelf-Solution (COTS)...

Articles : Robotics, Automation & Control
Hybrid Stepper Advancements Improve Medical Pump Performance

Designers of medical pumps often have to deal with the challenge of implementing precise, yet low-cost motion control. For most medical pumps, there are three basic technology alternatives for implementing such electronic motion control: permanent magnet brush DC motors, brushless DC...

Application Briefs : Robotics, Automation & Control
Gait Analysis Based on Inertial and Magnetic Sensors

Motion analysis often is based on stereophotogrammetry, which estimates the three-dimensional coordinates of points on an object by measurements made in two or more photographic images taken from different positions. While it provides very useful and detailed information about walking, the...

Products : Robotics, Automation & Control
Mini Cylinder

Intelligent Actuator – IAI America (Torrance, CA) offers the RCD Mini Cylinder that is designed to replace compact air cylinders used for short-stroke travel, pressing, and hoisting. It features a crosssection of 12 mm, with a body length as short as 60 mm. The cylinder incorporates a brushless DC motor, and provides maximum...

Products : Robotics, Automation & Control
Linear Actuators

K90 linear actuators from Exlar (Chanhassen, MN) are compact, 90-mm frame size actuators available in three performance levels, and allow the use of third-party motors. Featuring dimensions and form-factor consistent with ISO Metric pneumatic cylinder specifications, the actuators are designed to provide a universal solution for...

Products : Motion Control
Pneumatic Air Cylinders

NITRA™ E-Series pneumatic dual-rod guided air cylinders from Automation - Direct (Cumming, GA) are designed for applications that require precise alignment or have large side loads. The devices are interchangeable with other popular brands of cylinders. The double-acting cylinders are constructed with extruded aluminum...

Products : Motion Control
Position Sensors

ASM Sensors (Elmhurst, IL) offers the PMIS4/PMIR5 non-contact measuring system developed for rotary applications. The system provides high EMC protection, large guiding distance tolerance, and signal performance up to 327,680 pulses/360°. The incremental system consists of a PMIS4 sensor head and a PMIR5 incremental magnetic...

Products : Robotics, Automation & Control
Motion Controllers

ADLINK Technology (San Jose, CA) has released the PCI- 8254/PCI-8258 motion controllers that provide servo updates up to 20 KHz through hardware-based PID-FF control loop and secondorder filters, time-deterministic trajectory and velocity planning, comprehensive application functions, and diagnostic and control utilities. The...

Products : Motion Control
Linear Stages

Newport Corp. (Irvine, CA), has introduced the FMSxxHA high-accuracy FMS stages for surface metrology applications. The stages are available in 100-, 200-, and 300-mm models. With all-steel construction, the stages combine high stiffness and thermal stability. The crossed roller bearings have an anti-creep feature to provide smooth...

Products : Motion Control
Linear Scales

Model LF series linear scales from HEIDENHAIN Corp. (Schaumburg, IL) are used on highaccuracy machine tools, jig bore and grinding machines, and linear motors. The LF 485 and 185 incremental models feature very high repeatability and defined thermal expansion behavior. From a grating period of 8 μm, the interferential scanning...

Products : Robotics, Automation & Control
Wheel Force Transducer

Kistler North America (Novi, MI) has introduced the Kistler Type 9269A RoaDyn® S6HT System 2000, a six-component wheel force transducer (WFT) with specialty electronics platform. It is designed to measure three forces and three moments during complete chassis and component road load data acquisition (RLDA) and other...

Products : Motion Control
Brushless Servomotors

The SHX and SPX brushless servomotors for CNC machinery applications are available from NUM Corp. (Naperville, IL). They eliminate the need for a separate encoder cable; machine builders can use a single drive-to-motor cable for each motion axis. Available in 75-, 95-, 126-, and 155-mm frame sizes and three different...

Products : Motion Control
Stepper Motor Driver

Lin Engineering (Morgan Hill, CA) offers the R525 stepper motor driver that reduces overall design time and system cost for an array of step motor applications needing high torque, power, and smooth motion. Measuring 3.3 × 1.3", the driver is accommodated into most systems. It provides up to 5 amps peak of current, handles...

Products : Motion Control

Revvo Caster Company (West Seneca, NY) offers ET Series casters designed to move moderate loads via manual propulsion. Four-inchdiameter swivel models are available with an optional fixed-position brake that mounts to the top plate so the brake is always in the same position regardless of which way the swivel wheel is facing. The swivel...

Products : Robotics, Automation & Control
Load Sensors

Pepperl+Fuchs (Twinsburg, OH) has introduced Series 61 photoelectric sensors. The UL and cUL listed sensors are available in DC models with 4-in-1™ output, and AC/DC models with SPDT relay output. Accessible controls simplify set-up and adjustments, and color-coded labels make it easy to identify a given sensor’s sensing mode....

Products : Motion Control
Pump Components

Metallized Carbon Corp. (Ossining, NY), offers custom vanes, rotors, and end plates for use in rotary vane pumps pumping both liquids and gases. The carbon-graphite components provide lubrication in most environments, and are suited for pumping liquids with poor lubricating qualities, strong chemicals that attack metals, and to...

Products : Motion Control
Stepper Motors

Plug & Drive PD2-N integrated closed-loop stepping motors from Nanotec Electronic, U.S. (Medford, MA), provide closed-loop sine commutation. They feature 71 oz-in of torque, and speed up to 3000 RPM with near-servo performance. The sine commutation position, torque, and speed control, and 12-bit encoder, are integrated inside the...

Products : Robotics, Automation & Control
Brushless DC Pump

The Thomas 230 Series, a brushless DC WOB-L® air compressor designed for applications requiring a compact, lightweight pump with variable output, is available from Thomas Division (Sheboygan, WI). The pump measures 3.8 × 2.64 × 3.63" and weighs 1.2 pounds. It features variable output (1,000 – 3,000 RPM) utilizing a...

Products : Robotics, Automation & Control
Orientation Sensor

Bosch Sensortec (Palo Alto, CA) offers the BMX055 9-axis sensor that contains three 3-axis sensors: a 12-bit low-noise accelerometer; a gyroscope with a resolution of 16 bits and programmable measurement ranges; and a low-noise, widerange geomagnetic sensor. The sensor uses proprietary MEMS sensor technologies. The FusionLib...

Products : Robotics, Automation & Control
Tubing Pumps

Masterflex® C/L® tubing pumps from Cole-Parmer (Vernon Hills, IL) feature a redesigned head that provides more secure tubing retention and more consistent performance over the full range of tubing sizes and flow. A single motion opens the cover and releases the occlusion bed for easy tubing changes. Tubing retainers are...

Products : Motion Control
Gear Motors

Applimotion (Loomis, CA) has introduced custom gear motors for high-torque, low-speed, and low-profile applications. The assemblies combine precision gearing and directdrive frameless motor kits to form a high-torque alternative to coupling a servomotor to a traditional gearbox. The ULT, UTH, and UTS low-profile frameless motors are...

Products : Robotics, Automation & Control

The Key-Rex™ high-security fastener is available from Bryce Fastener (Phoenix, AZ). The special safeguard feature of the screw is the endless combination of complex shapes developed in the drive (head) of the screw. Each keyway shape and matching driver bit is licensed to only one client. Because the driver bit functions like a key,...

Products : Motion Control
Linear Rail System

Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions, a division of AMETEK Precision Motion Control (Waterbury, CT), has introduced the BGS04 Linear Rail System designed for high-moment loads. The roll, pitch, and yaw moment load capability allows the system to maintain accuracy and repeatability in applications requiring significant cantilevered...

Products : Robotics, Automation & Control
Motor Drivers

Allegro MicroSystems (Worcester, MA) offers the Sanken Electric SCM1240M family of high-voltage, high-current, three-phase motor drivers for controlling three-phase motor power inverter systems and variable-speed control systems. These integrated circuits (ICs) take 85 to 253 VAC input voltage, and 10 to 30 A (continuous) output...

Articles : Software
INDUSTRY UPDATE: Design and PLM Software

Embracing Mobility

When asked about how their customers are embracing the idea of using CAD online, in the cloud, or on mobile devices, most of our executives indicated that while customers are expressing interest in accessing models and files via these means, there is some hesitation.

Articles : Electronics & Computers
Technology Highlights from 2013 International CES
Tobii Technology
Tobii REX

Users of the Tobii Technology REX, a USB-connected peripheral, may want to be careful about rolling their eyes. REX, a device that can be placed on the base of a computer screen, relies on eye positioning for navigation, page...

Application Briefs : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Sensors Enable Precise Mounting of X-Ray Telescope Assembly

NASA’s newest orbital X-ray telescope technology uses highperformance capacitive displacement sensors from Lion Precision. The sensors, capable of resolving position to less than 10 nanometers, are used during the mounting of over 10,000 thin glass mirrors into the telescope’s...

Application Briefs : Software
Simulations Prepare Curiosity Rover for Touchdown on Mars

Using MSC Software’s Adams multibody dynamics software, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) engineers simulated the final sky crane landing sequence of the Curiosity Mars rover. The sky crane landing sequence required the rover to transform from its stowed flight configuration to...

Articles : Energy
Retrofits Convert Gas Vehicles into Hybrids

One initiative at Glenn Research Center, the Hybrid Power Management (HPM) program, focused on joining new and mature technologies for optimal power systems applications in space and on Earth, with the goal not only to develop ultra-efficient space power systems, but also to advance HPM to address...

Techs for License
Microfluidic System Moves Liquid Without Electricity

Many new devices need to move nano- and micro-scale quantities of liquid from an external source to a sensor. Technology has been developed to transport very tiny volumes of liquids without the need for electricity or other external energy source. The device is especially useful when surface...

Techs for License
Software Recognizes Amblyopia in Early Childhood

In developed societies, amblyopia (i.e. lazy eye) is a leading cause of permanent vision loss under the age of 30. A research team implemented an electrophysiological method that recognizes the presence or lack of binocularity in children as young as six months of age. The method is also capable...

NASA Tech Needs
Preservation of High-Water-Content Fruit

As fresh produce undergoes a number of processes from point of harvest to final products like yogurt, ice cream, pasta sauces, and frozen meals, its natural characteristics are altered. To ensure a fresh taste and texture, a company seeks technology, ingredients, or processes that preserve the natural...

NASA Tech Needs
Removal of Kinetic Energy Associated with Transporting Light

A client seeks innovative ways to control the kinetic energy of moving products through high-speed manufacturing and filling processes. The company requires aluminum and tinplated food and beverage cans to be conveyed and transported during production without damage. Products are small...

Who's Who
David Mitchell, MAVEN Project Manager, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

David Mitchell is the project manager of the MAVEN mission, which will examine environmental changes on Mars. MAVEN instruments will look beyond the planet's surface and provide a better understanding of solar interactions, magnetic fields, and the atmosphere in...

David Mitchell, MAVEN Project Manager, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD

David Mitchell is the project manager of the MAVEN mission, which will examine environmental changes on Mars. MAVEN instruments will look beyond the planet's surface and provide a better understanding of solar interactions, magnetic fields, and the atmosphere in...


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