August 2005

Briefs : Electronics & Computers
Artificial Immune System for Recognizing Patterns

A method of recognizing or classifying patterns is based on an artificial immune system (AIS), which includes an algorithm and a computational model of nonlinear dynamics inspired by the behavior of a biological immune system. The method has been proposed as the theoretical basis of the...

Briefs : Electronics & Computers
System for Processing Coded OFDM Under Doppler and Fading

An advanced communication system has been proposed for transmitting and receiving coded digital data conveyed as a form of quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) on orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) signals in the presence of such adverse propagation channel effects as...

Briefs : Electronics & Computers
High-Performance Satellite/ Terrestrial-Network Gateway

A gateway has been developed to enable digital communication between (1) the high-rate receiving equipment at NASA’s White Sands complex and (2) a standard terrestrial digital communication network at data rates up to 622 Mb/s. The design of this gateway can also be adapted for use in...

Briefs : Electronics & Computers
Dual-Band Feed for a Microwave Reflector Antenna

A waveguide feed has been designed to provide specified illumination patterns for a dual-reflector antenna in two wavelength bands: 8 to 9 GHz and 30 to 40 GHz. The feed (see figure) has a coaxial configuration: A wider circular tube surrounds a narrower circular tube that serves as a waveguide...

Briefs : Electronics & Computers
Internet-Based System for Voice Communication With the ISS

The Internet Voice Distribution System (IVoDS) is a voice-communication system that comprises mainly computer hardware and software. The IVoDS was developed to supplement and eventually replace the Enhanced Voice Distribution System (EVoDS), which, heretofore, has constituted the...

Briefs : Electronics & Computers
Magnetic-Flux-Compensated Voltage Divider

A magnetic-flux-compensated voltage divider circuit has been proposed for use in measuring the true potential across a component that is exposed to large, rapidly varying electric currents like those produced by lightning strikes. An example of such a component is a lightning arrester, which is typically...

Briefs : Semiconductors & ICs
Mathematical Modeling of a Copper-Deposition System for Integrated Circuits

Advanced packaging techniques are the key to utilizing state-of-the-art microelectronic devices. The flip-chip method has become a cost-effective means of erasing many packaging and thermal issues that could spell disaster for high-density, high-power integrated circuits...

Briefs : Semiconductors & ICs
Stripline/Microstrip Transition in Multilayer Circuit Board

A stripline to microstrip transition has been incorporated into a multilayer circuit board that supports a distributed solid-state microwave power amplifier, for the purpose of coupling the microwave signal from a buried-layer stripline to a top-layer microstrip. The design of the...

Briefs : Materials
Anhydrous Proton-Conducting Membranes for Fuel Cells

Polymeric electrolyte membranes that do not depend on water for conduction of protons are undergoing development for use in fuel cells. Prior polymeric electrolyte fuel-cell membranes (e.g., those that contain perfluorosulfonic acid) depend on water and must be limited to operation below a...

Briefs : Materials
Glass Frit Filters for Collecting Metal

Filter disks made of glass frit have been found to be effective as means of high throughput collection of metal oxide particles, ranging in size from a few to a few hundred nanometers, produced in gas phase condensation reactors. In a typical application, a filter is placed downstream of the reactor and a...

Briefs : Medical
Multicompartment Liquid- Cooling/Warming Protective Garments

Shortened, multicompartment liquid-cooling/ warming garments (LCWGs) for protecting astronauts, firefighters, and others at risk of exposure to extremes of temperature are undergoing development. Unlike prior liquid circulation thermal-protection suits that provide either cooling or...

Briefs : Software
Portfolio Analysis Tool

Portfolio Analysis Tool (PAT) is a Webbased, client/server computer program that helps managers of multiple projects funded by different customers to make decisions regarding investments in those projects. PAT facilitates analysis on a macroscopic level, without distraction by parochial concerns or tactical details of...

Briefs : Software
Computing Q-D Relationships for Storage of Rocket Fuels

The Quantity Distance Measurement Tool is a GIS BASEP computer program that aids safety engineers by calculating quantity-distance (Q-D) relationships for vessels that contain explosive chemicals used in testing rocket engines. (Q-D relationships are standard relationships between specified...

Briefs : Software
Simulator of Space Communication Networks

Multimission Advanced Communications Hybrid Environment for Test and Evaluation (MACHETE) is a suite of software tools that simulates the behaviors of communication networks to be used in space exploration, and predict the performance of established and emerging space communication protocols and...

Briefs : Software
Contour Error Map Algorithm

The contour error map (CEM) algorithm and the software that implements the algorithm are means of quantifying correlations between sets of time-varying data that are binarized and registered on spatial grids.

Briefs : Software
Quadratic Programming for Allocating Control Effort

A computer program calculates an optimal allocation of control effort in a system that includes redundant control actuators.

Briefs : Software
Range Process Simulation Tool

Range Process Simulation Tool (RPST) is a computer program that assists managers in rapidly predicting and quantitatively assessing the operational effects of proposed technological additions to, and/or upgrades of, complex facilities and engineering systems such as the Eastern Test Range. Originally designed for...

Briefs : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Portable Electron-Beam Free-Form Fabrication System

A portable electron-beam free-form fabrication (EB F3) system, now undergoing development, is intended to afford a capability for manufacturing metal parts in nearly net sizes and shapes.

Briefs : Physical Sciences
Solid-Phase Extraction of Polar Compounds From Water

A solid-phase extraction (SPE) process has been developed for removing alcohols, carboxylic acids, aldehydes, ketones, amines, and other polar organic compounds from water. This process can be either a subprocess of a water-reclamation process or a means of extracting organic compounds from...

Briefs : Physical Sciences
Automated Electrostatics Environmental Chamber

The Mars Electrostatics Chamber (MEC) is an environmental chamber designed primarily to create atmospheric conditions like those at the surface of Mars to support experiments on electrostatic effects in the Martian environment. The chamber is equipped with a vacuum system, a cryogenic cooling...

Briefs : Physical Sciences
PCM Passive Cooling System Containing Active Subsystems

A multistage system has been proposed for cooling a circulating fluid that is subject to intermittent intense heating. The system would be both flexible and redundant in that it could operate in a basic passive mode, either sequentially or simultaneously with operation of a first, active...

Briefs : Physical Sciences
Laser Metrology for an Optical-Path- Length Modulator

Laser gauges have been developed to satisfy requirements specific to monitoring the amplitude of the motion of an optical path- length modulator that is part of an astronomical interferometer. The modulator includes a corner-cube retroreflector driven by an electromagnetic actuator. During...

Briefs : Medical
Miniature Laboratory for Detecting Sparse Biomolecules

The figure schematically depicts a miniature laboratory system that has been proposed for use in the field to detect sparsely distributed biomolecules. By emphasizing concentration and sorting of specimens prior to detection, the underlying system concept would make it possible to attain...

Briefs : Physical Sciences
Estimating Aeroheating of a 3D Body Using a 2D Flow Solver

A method for rapidly estimating the aeroheating, shear stress, and other properties of hypersonic flow about a three-dimensional (3D) blunt body has been devised. First, the geometry of the body is specified in Cartesian coordinates. The surface of the body is then described by its...

Briefs : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Hidden Identification on Parts: Magnetic Machine-Readable Matrix Symbols

Have you ever seen a piece of spaceflight hardware? When you do, you will notice some letters and numbers etched or inscribed on it. All NASA parts have...

Briefs : Imaging
Multipurpose Hyperspectral Imaging System

A hyperspectral imaging system of high spectral and spatial resolution that incorporates several innovative features has been developed to incorporate a focal-plane scanner (U.S. Patent 6,166,373)....

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