H2W Technologies, Inc. (Valencia, CA) released limited angle torque motors (“torquers”) that are single phase, brushless, low profile motors, vacuum compatible to 10^5 torr. Options include kit motors and housed motors. A linear servo amplifier and plug-and-play systems are available. Standard/custom designs include miniature 1.4 Ncm continuous, torque 5.2 Ncm peak torque (2 oz-in, 6 oz-in motors) and 706 Ncm continuous torque 2,118 5.2 Ncm peak (1,000 oz-in continuous torque, 3,000 oz-in peak) motors. Two series are available; the MR series feature a toroidally wound iron core stator with 2, 4, or 6 pole permanent magnet rotors, and provides angular excursions to 180°. The series is available in standard and low profile versions.