Midwest Motion Products (Watertown, MN) offers the MMP-B23-150H-24V GP52-035 BR-005 brushless DC gearmotor/brake that features Hall Cell Commutation. The gearmotor measures 2.3" in diameter by 9.2" long, and has a keyed output shaft of 12 × 25 mm. Mounting is accomplished with four face-mount M5 threaded holes, equally spaced on a 40-mm diameter B.C.

Gearmotor output is rated for 16.4 Nm continuous torque at 100 RPM, and 18 Nm peak. It requires just 8.5 ampere at 24 volts DC to generate its full load output torque. Optional 12- and 36-volt windings are available. It is rated at IP 54 protection for operation in harsh environments. Options include integral optical encoders, analog tachometers, and planetary gearheads with standard ratios from 3:1 to 450:1.