DOE has announced that up to $70 million is available in funding for technology advancements in geothermal energy. Innovations in exploration technologies to locate geothermal energy resources and improvements in resource characterization, drilling, and reservoir engineering techniques are targeted.

DOE aims to reduce the upfront cost of geothermal energy systems, expand their use, and enable the United States to tap the huge potential of this resource.

The funding will support the Department's continued partnerships with industry, national laboratories, and academia to advance several key research areas:

  • Advanced Exploratory Drilling Technologies
  • Advanced Well Completion Technologies
  • Tools to Isolate Fracture Zones within a Well
  • Observation Tools and Data Collection System for Reservoir Stimulation
  • Geophysical Exploration Technologies
  • Geochemistry and Rock-Fluid Interactions

For a description of the solicitation, eligibility requirements, and application instructions, click here .