Tech Briefs

Example of the fabrication of multicolor QD PLNs with excellent resolution using ink jet printing.
Polymer nanofibers are nanoscale materials whose properties can be adjusted to provide desirable light management performance for high efficiency solid-state lighting luminaires. The polymeric nanofibers at the core of this project have diameters on the order of 100 to 1000nm and a length of more than 1cm.

By controlling fiber diameter, fiber packing, and fiber morphology, a low cost, high-performance optical material can be fabricated. This report describes the fabrication of these nanofiber structures and their uses and benefits in solid-state lighting application.

When used in solid-state lighting (SSL) devices, nanofibers can take the form of either diffuse reflectors or photoluminescent materials. Nanofiber reflectors (NFR) were developed which displayed high diffuse reflectance with reflectance values in excess of 0.90. In contrast, traditional reflector materials such as aluminum and paint typically possess reflectance values below 0.80 and absorb a larger fraction of light, reducing luminaire output efficiency. The incorporation of the NFR technology into reflectors, troffers, and beam formers present in SSL luminaires provides better reflectance and lower light loss than is possible with conventional materials.

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