Payton Planar Magnetics (Deerfield Beach, FL) offers high-power transformers with 99%+ efficiencies. These types of transformers are used in battery charging stations for HV and can be connected in series to achieve 60-80KW. All Payton automotive magnetics are qualified to meet full automotive specs.

Any power loss in the transformer is a non recoverable loss and a major contributor to the efficiency of the power supply. Payton Planar transformers can improve the overall MTBF of a system by effectively reducing the internal temperature rise of the components. The 8kW design has less than 50 Watts of dissipation at full output power of 32 V and 250A and with conduction cooling the temp rise is less than 60ºC. The transformer is designed for 270V input voltage and 2000 V/usec operating volt-sec. Size is 140mm (L) x90mm (W) x35mm (H) and 8000W of output power the power density is 300W per cubic inch.

(Payton Planar Magnetics)

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