Tech Briefs

A computer program enables the simultaneous monitoring and control of two commercial digital instrumentation recorders, each comprising a variable-rate buffer and a data tape recorder. The program can issue all standard tape-motion-related commands (fast forward, rewind, record, forward, reverse, and eject) plus commands for tape search, time code, and buffer settings. The program provides a graphical user interface that facilitates control by the user and displays the operational statuses of the buffers and tape recorders. The program generates a log file that includes a time and date stamp for each control command sent to, and response received from, each buffer and recorder. An option exists in the program to produce tape copies by dubbing from one recorder to the other. The program can also be used to effect a procedure in which data are recorded first on one tape recorder, then the other tape recorder is brought into operation shortly before the end of first tape, so that there is some overlap to ensure continuous recording during a long recording session.

This work was done by Danny B. Sylvester and David M. Welke of The Boeing Company for Kennedy Space Center. KSC-12005

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