Model FLX-ICP4
Krohn-Hite (Brockton, MA) offers the Model FLX-ICP4, a four-channel filter/amplifier with a flexible signal conditioning card suitable for use in ICP® sensor and other sensor/transducer applications requiring a constant excitation current. A user-selectable 4mA or 8mA constant current is provided for excitation power to the input of the ICP® sensor, while the return AC signal is conditioned through a differential fixed filter/amplifier. The FLX-IPC4 can be populated with up to 4 independent channels, including a fixed low-pass Butterworth or Bessel filtering from 1hA to 200kHz and a fixed low noise gain up to 10,000. The filter provides a typical common-mode-rejection of >80dB and a signal-to-noise ratio of >100dB. Typical noise is <10μV referred to the input.

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