alt Photofabrication Engineering (Milford, MA) has introduced a line of EMI/RF shields with snap-on/snap-off covers, allowing access to components within the shields. The shields are designed to protect components from radio frequency/electromagnetic interference and environmental hazards, and to provide electrical grounding in medical and biomedical equipment. Standard forming tools are available in any size and shape to create covers that attach onto a fence, yet can be removed and replaced easily. The photochemically etched fences have grooves etched approximately 50% of the material thickness, so custom spring finger designs snap into them firmly. Shielding options for circuit board applications include one-piece or two-piece construction; standard base materials such as brass, tin, tin-lead, nickel, copper, and cold-rolled steel, all of which can be provided with solderable plating; and nickel-silver base material, which does not require additional finishing because it is already solderable.

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