altEmerson Network Power (Carlsbad, CA) offers the NPS20-M series open-frame power supplies, feature a 2” × 4” footprint and a height of 1”. The series supports up to 25 W with convection cooling and up to 40 W with forced air cooling. Under normal operating conditions, the power supplies require less than 49 W of input power and consume less than 300 mW of power under no-load conditions. They have an average efficiency of 87 percent. Available in five models with outputs ranging from 5 V to 48 V, they accept a wide universal input voltage range of 90 to 264 Vac (127 to 300 Vdc). All models have ±20% user output voltage adjustment and remote sense. They deliver a demonstrated mean time between failures of more than 550,000 hours and feature built-in EMI filters (CISPR 22 Class B).

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