White Paper: RF & Microwave Electronics

Antenna Basics


The antenna is the most intrinsic component of all RF systems, yet the principles of antenna design and wave propagation are rarely discussed outside the entry level engineering classes. Rohde & Schwarz has developed an educational white paper on Antenna Basics to reteach the basic principles in a simplified manner.

With this educational white paper, you will learn about the basic functionality of antennas starting with Hertz’s Antenna Model and review the fundamentals of wave propagation. You will understand the definitions of antenna characteristics and the principle parameters of antenna specifications. Finally, to help you determine the right antenna for your applications, there are example characteristics of several popular antennas shown with a discussion on the trade-offs and benefits of each design.

Whether you are designing radio communications systems, or you use antennas for measurements or monitoring applications, get back to basics with your knowledge of antenna principles and download the Antenna Basics white paper from Rohde & Schwarz.

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