Learn why Addaero has selected Arcam EBM for large, bulky parts for aerospace applications The applications for metal additive manufacturing are many, but the aerospace sector is one area that is leveraging metal AM for actual production parts. While both laser and EBM have advantages and disadvantages for a given application, Arcam EBM excels in printing larger parts for fatigue applications. Addaero works with leading aerospace companies to supply metal AM parts using both laser and EBM and has first-hand experience of how to best produce parts for a given application utilizing the best suitable technology.

In this Webinar, you’ll see real-world examples and the data supporting why Arcam EBM is capable of meeting the most demanding fatigue applications especially for larger, bulkier parts.


Richard J Merlino, President, Addaero Manufacturing

Bruce Bradshaw, Chief Marketing Officer, Arcam AB

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