Join Morgan Advanced Materials for a 30-minute Webinar to learn more about new innovations in brazing technology.

With the requirements for typical braze applications becoming more demanding, including the requirement for longer operating life, operation in greater temperature extremes, and lower cost expectations, there is a real need for the development and delivery of new braze alloys and techniques to answer these challenges.

In addition to the evolving application demands, the materials being joined are continuing to evolve and change. Whether joining advanced metal alloys, advanced ceramics, composites or a combination of these materials, there are braze alloys that have been developed to deliver reliable braze joints in the most challenging of applications. Join us to learn more about braze alloys and brazing capabilities that address these challenges faced by designers today.


Keith Ferguson, Senior Business Development Manager, Morgan Advanced Materials
Tom Sandin, Product Manager, Morgan Advanced Materials, Wesgo Metals

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