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New Heater Technology Reduces Space, Weight and Failure

The SmartHeat SLT Thin-Film heater is a new and unique self-limiting heater solution. Minco’s SmartHeat regulates temperature at the molecular level, eliminating the need for separate sensors and controllers which minimizes points of failure and reduces the total system footprint for space and weight sensitive applications.

SmartHeat is designed to maintain a constant temperature. At the target temperature, the internal heating element approaches infinite resistance and prevents overshooting the set point. Temperature overshoot can cause overheating, resulting in premature failure of conventional technologies on the market today. And unlike conventional heaters, its unique construction is designed to prevent field failures due to mechanical damage, improper installation, and even delamination. These are critical factors which can result in repairs that far exceed the cost of a heater.

SmartHeat quickly self-tunes to changing conditions, both over time and at multiple points on the heater’s surface. It requires no programming and simplifies end-device assembly.

In this Webinar, you will learn:

  • How the conductive polymer matrix regulates temperature
  • What quantum tunneling does to prevent the device from overheating
  • Types of applications best suited for this new heater technology


Brian Williams, Product Marketing Manager, Thermal Solutions, Minco Products, Inc.
Jack Stangl, Applications Engineer, Minco Products, Inc.