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Point of Care diagnostics devices, whether handheld or single-use, often require a brief application of tightly controlled heat. The disposable nature of these devices requires a low-cost component capable of delivering that heat reliably and safely. Heatron's new PTC heater solution uses a polymer-based heater technology that controls heat to within ±2°C of the target temperature, and reduces unit cost by eliminating sensors and applied controls.

This white paper describes in some detail the development of Heatron's new self-regulating PTC heater, its prospective applications, and the performance expectations for this new technology. Heatron developed this product with the medical diagnostics and laboratory equipment markets in mind, but the heating element is appropriate for many applications that require fast ramp-up, tight temperature control, distributed wattage, and high-volume production.

Heatron is a manufacturer of custom heating elements and electronic components for OEMs. All of our products are custom-designed for the customer, so performance outside of the ranges given may be possible. Contact Heatron for a design consultation for the specific requirements of your device.

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