The U.S Department of Energy has recently announced up to $4 million available this year to accelerate the development and deployment of wireless charging systems for light-duty electric vehicles (EVs).

In the near term, this funding will accelerate the development of wireless charging technology to provide hands-free, automated charging of parked vehicles. Static wireless charging — or wireless charging when the vehicle is parked — can ensure easy and efficient vehicle charging. Future wireless charging could extend EV range by enabling a driver to charge up during a trip when the vehicle is not in motion, such as when stopped at traffic lights. Wireless charging has the potential to reduce the total energy storage requirements of EVs, unlocking the benefits of lighter and smaller battery packs, lighter vehicles, higher efficiency, and longer ranges.

The DOE intends to select up to four projects to research and develop a wireless charging system, integrate it into a production vehicle, and test it in real-world operating conditions. Vehicles equipped with this technology could reach the market this decade.

For more information, including application and cost-share requirements, visit the Department's Funding Opportunity Exchange website .