The SMB206A and SMB210A programmable DC-DC integrated circuits from Summit Microelectronics (Sunnyvale, CA) are dual/single-output integrated buck regulators. With a serial digital interface and onboard non-volatile memory, the SMB20X family can be configured during development and reprogrammed in system by host software. They can also be programmed by fixed resistors and purchased as standard products with fixed voltages.

The SMB206A and SMB210A integrate single or dual stepdown DC-DC buck regulators with onboard MOSFET(s) supplying up dual 3A+3A (SMB206A), or single 6A (SMB210A) output currents. Input voltage range is +4.5V to +16V, and output voltage range is +0.8V to VIN, accurate to 2.5% over load/line/temperature. Output voltage is digitally programmable in ~10mV steps while other custom voltages are supported with external resistors. Switching frequency is programmable to 500 kHz or 1MHz. Light load efficiency is supported by automatic pulse-skipping operation.

Output enable, sequencing, softstart, and output voltage (UV) monitoring are also programmable. Output voltage monitoring is coupled to “PowerGood” or “RESET” signals with programmable output assignment, and output channels can be enabled via the serial I2C interface or by the ENABLE pins. Nominal output voltages may be changed once the system is powered up. The SMB206A/SMB210A with ~10mV “fine step” output voltage programming allow for voltage margining.

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