The EcoSpec Floodlight Wash from EcoSense (New York, NY) is an ultra-bright white light fixture designed for indoor and outdoor architectural use. Like all EcoSense fixtures, the EcoSpec Floodlight Wash is RoHS compliant and lead- and mercury-free. It features powerful, energy-efficient LEDs along with precision constant current circuits for long-life applications. Flicker-free, full-range deep dimming capabilities - down to less than 1% is standard with this fixture. Standard Incandescent Triac or ELV dimmers can be used to control the fixtures.

Using smart power technology and with integral drivers, EcoSpec Floodlight WASH fixtures connect directly to line voltage AC power without any additional hardware. Available Color Temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K. Beam Angles with Available Optical Film Panels: 30°×30°, 60°×60°, 80°×80°, 10°×60°. Built-in Gore™ vents to block moisture and prevent corrosion even in extreme conditions.

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