altMarshall Electronics (El Segundo, CA) has introduced a solution for process monitoring in high temperature environments. Marshall’s Hi Temperature Zoom Pinhole Lenses and VS-5310 1.3 MP C/CS Day/Night IP Camera enable real-time monitoring, recording and playback of processes involving extreme heat and harsh conditions. The VS-5310 IP Camera features a C/CS mount that is compatible with any of Marshall’s four High Temperature Zoom Pinhole Lenses: V-ZPL-HITEMP-A, V-ZPL-HITEMP-A-323, V-ZPL-HITEMP-B and V-ZPL-HITEMP-B-323. Any of these lenses paired with the VS-5310 camera can be used to monitor the conditions inside kilns, incinerators and furnaces used in metal fabrication, waste incineration, heat treatment, glass and ceramic manufacturing. The V- ZPL-HITEMP pinhole lens series feature stainless steel housing and high temperature operation at 1000 degrees Celsius for up to 10 minutes.

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