Phihong USA (Fremont, CA) has developed a new multichannel driver for indoor and outdoor lighting applications. Designated the PDA037W-350G, the driver is equipped with four outputs of 350mA and offers 0-10V dimming capability.

The power supply is equipped with four constant current outputs of 350mA at a nominal output voltage of 24.5 VDC. With an AC input range of 90 to 304 VAC, the driver can be operated at the standard North American mains voltages of 120 or 277 VAC. The driver bears safety approval from UL, meeting UL8750, and has outputs that are Class 2 per UL1310.

Rated for operation between 0°C and 50°C, the PDA037W is water resistant and fully potted with ingress protection ratings of 65. The driver also exhibits high efficiency and reliability, with minimum efficiency ratings ranging from 82% at 120 VAC input to over 84% at 277 VAC input. The calculated lifetime of the PDA037W is 50K hours at full load and an ambient 50°C.

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