The document discusses a procedure for localizing the Mars rovers in site frame, a locally defined reference frame on the Martian surface. MER onboard position within a site frame is estimated onboard and is based on wheel odometry. Odometry estimation of rover position is only reliable over relatively short distances assuming no wheel slip, sinkage, etc. As the rover traverses, its onboard estimate of position in the current site frame accumulates errors and will need to be corrected on occasions via relocalization on the ground (mission operations). The procedure provides a systematic process for ground operators to localize the rover. The method focuses on analysis of acquired images used to declare a site frame and images acquired post-drive. Target selection is performed using two main steps. In the first step, the user identifies features of interest from the images used to declare the current site. Each of the selected target’s position in site frame is recorded. In the second step, post-traverse measurements of the selected features’ positions are recorded again, this time in rover frame, using images acquired post-traverse. In the third step, we transform the post-traverse target’s positions to local level frame. In the fourth step, we compute the delta differences in the pre- and post-traverse target’s position. In the fifth step, we analyze the delta differences with techniques that compute their statistics to determine the rover’s position in the site frame.

This work was done by Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu of Caltech for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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