To provide significant energy savings with optimal lighting quality, JetBlue Airways recently selected MaxLite’s High- Max® High Output compact fluorescent (CFL) lamps for a series of retrofit projects in its Orlando-based hangar and training center. With maintained lumens and crisp color rendering throughout the bulbs’ long 10,000-hour lifetime, MaxLite’s HighMax CFLs were a good match for JetBlue’s retrofit highwattage applications. The self-ballasted lamps are constructed with a large, solid aluminum heat sink for cool operation and high-heat fluorescent U-bend tubes for optimized strength and longevity. The higher wattage models have an on-board internal cooling fan that helps maintain lumen output, color rendering, and reduced wattage consumption.

Inside the JetBlue Airways Hangar, 75 HighMax 200-watt CFL lamps were used to replace 75 1000-watt metal halide lamps in the high bay fixtures. Offering a substantial energy savings, the new luminaires were installed in the sheet metal shop, the seat shop that repairs airplane seats, and the area used for preparing engines for replacements. In addition, 29 HighMax 200-watt CFL fixtures were also selected to replace 29 1000-watt metal halide fixtures over the apron, in front of the hangar where employees work on the aircraft.

Also offering a significant savings on energy consumption, 50 HighMax 60-watt CFL lamps were used to replace 50 400-watt metal halide lamps in the parking lot that is used by employees who work in the hangar and training center. The HighMax lamps, which are heavyduty for long durability in outdoor applications, were retrofitted in fixtures attached to 20-foot poles.

Replacing 30 200-watt metal halide lamps, 30 of MaxLite’s energy saving, HighMax 40-watt CFL lamps were supplied and installed in wall mounted fixtures over the doorways outside of the crew training center and hangar facility.

City Electric of Orlando specified the MaxLite lamps, which completed a multitude of tests and conversions by JetBlue Airways, according to R.J. Jobman, Facility Supervisor and Safety Liaison, Corporate Real Estate for JetBlue. City Electric Supply is a family owned electrical wholesale business dedicated to providing service and support for customers in the residential, commercial, and industrial markets, since 1951.

In addition to their energy efficiency, it is anticipated that the HighMax CFL lamps will also save a substantial amount of maintenance time and costs.

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