O2Micro International Limited (Santa Clara, CA) recently extended the company's Free Dimming™ technology and lighting product portfolio with the introduction of the OZ8024 and OZ8024R LED Driver Controllers. Free Dimming technology enables LED bulbs to dim using any on/off switch, thus eliminating cost, installation and compatibility issues associated with traditional incandescent dimmers. O2Micro’s patented Free Dimming technology works with any on/off switch, including wall toggles, paddle switches, pull cords, rotary switches and other types of on/off switches commonly found on walls, extension cords and table/desk lamps.

Similar to O2Micro's Step-Dimming LED driver controllers, LED bulbs that incorporate O2Micro’s OZ8024 and OZ8024R LED driver controllers can dim using any ordinary non-dimming on/off switch. However, the OZ8024 and OZ8024R feature continuous dimming, latching at any desired brightness level. A LED bulb incorporating the OZ8024 achieves full brightness when it is turned on. Toggling the on/off switch starts the continuous dimming action from high to low. If the on/off switch is toggled again while the bulb is dimming, it will latch at the selected level, thus allowing the user to choose any dimming level between maximum and minimum brightness. Otherwise, the bulb will continue dimming to the 3% minimum level. Flicking the on/off switch again returns the bulb to full brightness, allowing the cycle to be repeated. The OZ8024R is identical to the OZ8024 except for the dimming user interface.

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