ON Semiconductor (Phoenix, AZ) has introduced the new NSIC20xx series of linear constant current regulators (CCR) designed for use in solid state lighting systems. The new NSIC20XX series of CCRs offer a maximum voltage rating of 120 Volts, 3 Watts, and are capable of withstanding the high peak voltages of alternating current off-line HBLED lighting applications, including digital signage systems, lighting panels and decorative illumination. These new CCRs protect against the sudden surges that are commonplace in such lighting applications. Based on selfbiased transistor (SBT) technology, the NSIC20XX series of devices are capable of current regulation over a very wide voltage range, while their negative temperature coefficient helps to protect the LEDs from thermal runaway at extreme voltage and current levels.

The NSIC2020BT3G, NSIC2030BT3G, NSIC2050BT3G have steady state current (IRegSS) capability of 20 milliamperes (mA), 30 mA and 50 mA, respectively. The devices turn on immediately and reach 45 percent regulation with an anode-cathode voltage (Vak) of just 0.5 volts (V) applied. The devices are designed to be thermally robust, supporting a junction temperature range of −55°C to +175°C and are UL94−V0 certified.

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