Tech Briefs

A software prototype allows users to backup and restore data to/from both public and private cloud storage such as Amazon’s S3 and NASA’s Nebula. Unlike other off-the-shelf tools, this software ensures user data security in the cloud (through encryption), and minimizes users’ operating costs by using space- and bandwidth-efficient compression and incremental backup. Parallel data processing utilities have also been developed by using massively scalable cloud computing in conjunction with cloud storage.

One of the innovations in this software is using modified open source components to work with a private cloud like NASA Nebula. Another innovation is porting the complex backup-to- cloud software to embedded Linux, running on the home networking devices, in order to benefit more users.

This work was done by Qiming He of Open Research for Goddard Space Flight Center. For further information, contact the Goddard Innovative Partnerships Office at (301) 286- 5810. GSC-16415-1

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