Wilshire Media Systems, a division of Wilshire Home Entertainment, will allow NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) to display ultra-high-resolution images from its active missions across the solar system — including images coming from the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity or the Hubble Space Telescope.

Wilshire will install a 13.5 × 7.5-foot Ultra-Definition Video Wall consisting of 16 video panels. The 4 × 4 configuration (stacked four high and four across) provides unprecedented image display capabilities from JPL’s spacecraft and planetary rovers. The clear, crisp, and sharp resolution also advances the laboratory’s ability to educate the public about the solar system. The display technology features over twice the resolution of Digital Cinema 4K.

Curiosity will provide a large amount of images that can be combined into one large file in excess of 250 MB in size. With a traditional projection-style system, the images appear grainy when a particular feature is zoomed in on. The Wilshire system allows users to expand an image and not lose resolution, right up to the inherent native resolution of the original image.

Earlier this year, Wilshire was selected to provide integration services for JPL’s upgraded Space Flight Operations Facility, enabling the center to input data to 36 monitors from sources on Earth and in space. Much of this capability was seen during the broadcast of Curiosity’s landing on Mars.

Ultra-Definition Video Wall
Wilshire Media Systems
Thousand Oaks, CA

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