altSilicon Designs, Kirkland, WA, has announced the Model 3330 G-Logger USB-powered portable data acquisition system with FFT analysis. The three-channel unit is designed to optimize the low-noise characteristics of triaxial MEMS variable capacitance accelerometer modules with analog output and 8-32 VDC excitation. It offers 16-bit data acquisition with data rates of 1 to 10k samples per second and per axis through each of its available input channels. The user interface is built on an NI LabVIEW® platform. Features include real-time data acquisition and readout capabilities with live streaming; real-time pause, scroll back, and rewind; SD-card recording of up to 32-GB, multi-speed recording playback; and remote operation via TCP. Data output is displayed over a time range from 100 ms to 2 minutes. Users may view accelerometer performance data from any remote network location.

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